Off Site Activities

Picton Karts

Challenge your friends and get your own heart racing on our professional go cart track!

Featuring timed laps and grid position starting set up, this will give anyone a true sense of the thrill of motor racing. We offer a choice of 2 carts and engine capacities to suit the drivers experience and expertise, including a double cart option allowing a driver and a passenger to race around the track together.

With lessons and advice always on hand from our friendly staff and all of the latest safety gear provided, anyone is sure to enjoy the adrenaline rush of racing on our track.


Jamberoo Water Slides

Time to cool off ? Do it in the most exciting way possible - by shooting down our fast flowing water slides!

A short trip to the top, a deep breath and a brave plunge will see you flying down one of our two fully enclosed water slides, zooming through its exciting twists and turns before finally splashing down in the cool blue landing pool below.

Our fully trained staff are always there to ensure safety and fun, so why not come and chill out on our water slides!


Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most action-packed adventures you can do on the water. Your experienced rafting guide will give you a safety briefing which will include all the paddling techniques used to make your way down to the river.



Battlezone is the ultimate military simulation experience a step up from normal laser tag. With a variety of different guns and team scenarios, Battlezone is something everyone will love.


Quads Biking

Feel the wind in your face as you zip around the dirt trails racing your friends. Quad biking is some of the best fun you can have on 4 wheels.


Skypeak Adventures

With over 80 different challenges for you to explore at thrilling heights– just harness up and roam free. Take up the challenge – you can make your adventure as hard or easy as you like – this is a park for everyone, no experience or equipment needed.